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Monday, 27 January 2014

Zazzle Cancellations Article

Found this interesting article on a Blog called Right Brain Left Turn. I felt it was quite good reading so I have shared it here. There may be other good reading on this what appears to be a fellow Zazzler's Blog but I have yet to explore :-)

I have not had a lot of cancellations, yet again, nor have I had multitudes of orders - though they Are increasing lately which is exciting. I enjoy creating, love Zazzle, and the little bit of extra income would help a lot especially with kids in school, so I hope it continues :-) I am thrilled to see that buyers enjoy my designs enough to purchase products with them on, and thank them immensely.

My cancellations have resulted in repurchases a few days later of the same product, and the rest are so far back, who knows, I suspect that at the time my image files were too small to print well. Now they are huge, and I know so much more about digital graphic images and image files, etc.

The Article - Your Zazzle Order Was Cancelled - Now What?

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