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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Think Outside the Locked Box

Me, I tend to prefer to find a theme that isn't the norm, isn't so typical, when it comes to designing for events such as weddings. This design below came about from a photograph I took one evening while on a walk by Whitby Harbour, near where we used to live. I ran across 2 bike locks, locked together on the railing by the water, along the pier. The keys would be long gone, these locks together forever or until the city came along one day and cut them off. It was an interesting thought, like they were building history, their past unknown, or some such racing of similar wondering thoughts.

I thought later on, they would make for a really cool and different idea for a wedding invite, or as I have used them here, a save the Date reminder magnet. I found a font that looks like scratched lettering, like someone would scratch into metal with a pen knife. On Zazzle, I'd love for an option to rotate text to any degree, but I made it work as best I could, since you may only choose set angles with the rotation tool.

I took my image and I used a cut out filter on it to begin. I then altered the colours, not liking a couple of the contrasting shades I got, I replaced those colours with cool light mauves instead. I also had to solidify some of the edges of the locks by hand, so that their shapes were not lost into each other at certain points.

This is my resulting design, which I am quite happy with :-)

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