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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Natural Design on CafePress

Well, a few days in, I have managed (with the help of members of the forum there) to begin to understand what is happening on CafePress. Basically, one must approach it already being aware of what their process entails. I have begun to choose a few of my already completed designs and have applied them to products available via CafePress.

In many ways, it has some advantages over Zazzle, in many ways I don't find it as thrilling or conducive to how I like to work as an artist and designer. However, no harm in giving it a go. Frankly, I suspect it is far more difficult to get found there. Working full time as well, I am not really able to be a selling and marketing guru but try the best I can.

The ways that I find it being better is that you do Not need to tag and describe every image, design and concept per product - it picks up the description you attach to the image (design) itself when you upload. This in my opinion is the Best advantage the site has for Sellers.

What I need to figure out is the most common aspect ratio that can be used when creating a design that will work with the most products. I have found I need to upload a square and rectangle (of a certain aspect ratio) in order for it to work on as many products as I can. I then also decide on a shape and upload that png image for a 3rd choice (so far) for use on even more products, or repetitive ones even, that I used a square or rectangle version on already. I find that a bit basic but in using designs I've worked hours on already, I find it is my best alternative at the moment.


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