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Sunday, 12 January 2014

A Design from Birth to Finish

Here I thought it may be interesting to see an original photograph I shot which planted the seed of an idea in my brain being compared to the evolved, finished design.

This particular image, I spotted while on an exploring walk through Rosetta McClain Gardens in Scarborough (now Toronto). There were remnants of an old structure which had sections of brick and plaster on the still standing sections of wall. Some long vine like branches with leaves were casting a shadow on the wall. As soon as I saw it I wanted to take some shots. I love things like that and in the back of my mind I probably knew one day I could maybe work with those images to get something kind of neat to be used for something like invitations, posters, a motif on something. I imagined a very antique like look to the design.

The smaller image shown here is the original photo which became the basis for the final design. I opened a second image of the vine on the wall as well. After literally dozens of layers of cut, paste, erase, cloning, duplicating the layer and changing the blending option, changing opacities, light and contrast changes, changing the color, dodging, then finally in the end duplicating the file and opening it new and applying a filter as well as adding a border  - essentially all this pretty much instinctively - the second larger image is what the end result is.

Could I repeat all the steps I did a second time? Probably not, which is why I kept a Photoshop Elements workable copy of the file. However, I flattened layers several times then worked with the new image in several steps. There would have been probably 25-30 layers if I had not done this. So each individual step I did is not kept in its own individual layer.

What I had in mind did not seem to be happening at the beginning, but I persevered, and the end result surprised me as being a little More than what I had imagined and hoped to achieve :-) Well, I like it anyway lol!

I decided to use it to create semi informal wedding invitations. They remain part of my original Zazzle theme in that every design I create is born from an image of a subject from the natural world in which I live.

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