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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Working With Subtle Colours

My first beginning designs concentrating on more subtle, gentle colour schemes. Staying with hints and suggestions of colour, and not the candy pastels that most know when thinking "pastel". This example has hints of light sage green, silvers, whites and charcoals. It is a Save the Date pre-wedding invitation announcement. I have combined traditional flavour with more contemporary flavour. I like the delicacy and simplicity of the result. One thing that I learned long ago in advertising design at art college, and it makes sense to ones eye and sense of design balance anyway, so I practice it, is to "not use more than 3 different fonts" in a design where there is a lot of text. This also extends to styles and characteristics of the font and the design elements. So, generally, I don't break this "rule" too often. Why? Because I tend to agree with it. Though, there are times and concepts where variety, chaos, busyness, and a motley crew of all kinds of elements are used and they Do work!

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