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Friday, 13 December 2013

Tip and Trick for Zazzle

Recently, having designed a few Christmas related items, I discovered a little trick I use for myself. It's maybe a bit simple and maybe even many already do it as well. It has to do with Fonts. There are fonts that are what I guess is (or was if not anymore) referred to as Wingdings. These are fonts where a,b,c, when used in a text field, in Word, or wherever, create little images. An example is the Christmas icons like Santa, trees, wreaths, snowflakes, etc. There are other fonts that create zodiac symbols, Halloween icons, etc. Little clip art images if you will. Having said all that, here is what I have discovered is helpful. Since it is difficult to know what each letter creates just by seeing the fonts in the drop down menu on Zazzle when creating a product, I use a trick. I created a canvas which I save in my In Progress Products, with each letter of that wingding alphebet on the canvas. I break it up in 3 rows so I can make the images large enough to see easily. I then can go to that product each time I want to use those wingdings. I have each corresponding letter that creates each individual wingding below the wingding (use a simple font for this). Therefore, for example: I want a certain snowflake to add to a card front or inside. I can just view my "canvas" (or create a poster) and I can see "oh, S makes that snowflake". Therefore I don't need to read out the alphabet to get to that wingding shape and find out it's O or U or L I need to type. On the same token, I can view all the wingdings at one time and choose a wingding or 2 as they are all visible. I make a canvas for each font that creates a specific wingding set. I also make note or title the canvas as to what font name it falls after or before so I don't have to scroll up and down the fonts trying to recognize the ones I want, say like if I want the Christmas ones. Because I didn't actually publish the item, only I can see it, or I could show it here. However, you could most likely Privately publish it therefore there'd be a link.

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