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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Thoughts Regarding Quick Create on Zazzle

My initial reaction to Quick Create was that it is not really a tool I'd personally make much use of on Zazzle. One thing I have noticed, generally browsing products in various stores here and there, none of which really I recall specifically, but that many 1000s+ product listers have used it to throw a bunch of images on as many products as possible and load their stores. Many times the image is cropped unprofessionally and badly, tips of heads cut off, images just not fitting the space properly, etc. I discovered that really, one needs to tweak each product anyway and generally make conscious decisions to scrap or delete many products in the first stage of the QC process. Kind of defeats the whole positive purpose of using it. Better to cut and paste descriptions and keywords from one product to the next as one chooses to create each.

After giving QC a shot to create items when I felt there were 5 or more I wanted to put a certain design on, I ran across a sort inadvertent reason for deciding that maybe I won't use it again personally. When I choose a design, it sometimes falls into a certain category I created in my store, say for instance Patterns Textures Abstracts. So, it goes like this: I create 10 - 12 items with that same graphic pattern. They all go into Patterns Textures Abstracts. This visual result struck me - there are now a bunch of products with the same repetitive graphic on them that do take up one whole screen page in some cases - boring! This could result in a potential buyer losing interest in the store and moving on. Possibly others feel it would create an Opposite reaction, a buyer looking to see if a specific product is available, or then doing a specific search. However, I feel visual variety keeps things interesting so it is a result I don't really want in my store category pages.

Therefore, I will go back to only creating products one by one and not use the same image or graphic in a row.

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