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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Me as a Painter

Not in a while, but some of my past works. Unfortunately, did not own a camera that would allow me to retain good sized image files when most of these were done. A lot even, I have only physical film images of some of my artwork, not jpg files. I began on Zazzle with some of my cat paintings, using them on cards, mugs, and not sure what else, maybe clothing.

I ran into Zazzle through an art forum on line when Zazzle was a new company. I believe the owner posted it in the business forum of the art forum I participated on back in 2004 or 2005.

I worked mainly in acrylic, on canvas and on hard board. I worked realistically because I loved it.

At the moment, I concentrate more on photography and some drawing still, as opposed to painting. My drawing skills are strong and I maintain that through a huge background in life drawing and long time every day drawing and painting.

Amy - oil on illustration board

Cinnamon and her Frog - acrylic on Masonite

Antique Baby Portrait - commission - watercolour

Beagle - commission - watercolour

Chris at Rotary Park - my son as a toddler - acrylic on canvas

Motley Still Life - acrylic on canvas

Espresso in Spain - acrylic on Masonite

Flower Girl - part of a project from the art forum - acrylic on canvas

Roxx in Mexico - acrylic on canvas

Indian Child Portrait - acrylic on canvas

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