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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Icemeggedon in Toronto Since Saturday

Going out Sat night to do our shopping, we noticed the beautiful crystal like trees backlit by the lights in the grocery store parking lot. How gorgeous we though, we need to get out and take some photos.

Next day, we head out. To our utter dismay and shock, not a street light was working anywhere in a 5 mile radius around us and probably further. Trees were down everywhere, branches across cars, roads, lawns, roofs of houses, often with power lines curled in them. Traffic was a living nightmare. I should have turned around and headed back home immediately really, but didn't. I wanted to take some images at a near by gardens. We didn't get very far into the park. Large cracks and falling whole sections of trees were happening just ahead of us. We took a few, were saddened by the destruction around us, and made it back to the condo. I took many images around our condo.

There was beauty in the destruction but boy I have never in my entire life seen anything like I saw that day driving around. People in some areas have been without power for several days and it is not expected to come up in some places until after Christmas.

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