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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

I Adore Pillows!!! First Society6 Sale!

I love designing and placing my designs foremost, on pillows! Maybe because it's a close as one can get to an artsy medium for designs. There's canvas but unless the design suits wall decor, it doesn't really work as a product choice for many of my designs or graphic textures. Zazzle has added some options lately for more affordable pillow choices. They added a smaller size and also polyester material. Still, unless one has some bucks to spend, the pricing is still slightly pricey compared to other marketplaces, home decor brick and mortar stores, etc. The design would have to be really Loved for someone to put out $35-$65+ for a throw cushion. With shipping anywhere outside the US too, it can Double the price to be paid. I myself would Love to buy one of my own pillow designs but I cannot really afford the cost with the shipping, not even on a specific sale event on Zazzle. Though I'm sure the quality is well worth the price. I discovered Society6. I put up some of my animal print and flower designs, as well as some of my abstract textures. Thing with Society 6 is your design Must be offered as a print first, then you may add pillows, electronics cases, etc. as other product options. You also cannot customize the product and therefore Must upload an exact sized image for each product, no moving your image around on a template like on Zazzle - a little not so user friendly or choice friendly but it's how they manufacture. The problem with it appearing as available in a print is some of my designs just look Stupid (for lack of a better description) being offered as prints, but ah well, if I want them to be available as pillows too, I have to allow them to be avilable as print. Bonus if someone would actually want to buy a print of the designs :-) I sold my first pillow via Society6! Didn't even know until the Paypal notification came into my account that I had a cleared payment deposited. Thought it may be a spam email till I went to the actual Paypal accoutn through my browser, and indeed, it was real lol! Searched through Society6 and I saw that it was a purple iris and zebra strip one. I love my animal print and flower designs, they were one of my first in my journey of creating via my Photoshop Elements using my own photos and also working with while learnign at the same time, how to design with the software. My partner, a professional artist, has been an enormous help to me with learning the ins and outs of layers, layer masks, all sorts of things about the tools in Photoshop. Unfortunately, I would not be able to put and run Photoshop CS5 on my old computer, but Elements has allowed enough for me to work with, improvising here and there with tools just not available on my version of PSElements.

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