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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Color Trends for 2014

Occassionally (it's rare) I will check the colour trends if I am in a sort of slump about what to design next and use on products for Zazzle. Generally, I am Not a trend devotee and prefer to begin with my own tastes. That is probably counter productive for selling however lol! One must consider the trends and what has more general mass appeal and not so much niche designs when designing for use on home decor, wrapping paper, wedding invitations, etc.

My Real love is creating more for "eccentric, different, bohemian and more quirky" individuals like myself, but as a creative person, one who attended a major educational institution for art called Ontario College of Art and Design, I do understand the marketing and commercial side of things. Here is a good write up by Benjamin Moore's creative director, on their site, called COLOR TRENDS 2014. I liked how it put things, especially describing the old notions of "pastels". I am personally Not a lover of muted, washed down, barely there color, preferring more a spicy earthy palette and an environment that matches my taste and not my couch. Beige? No, white? Not! Light blue? No way man. But, neutrals are popular and the envirnoment is often calming and serene, that uses them.

Working with a different color palette than one tends to gravitate towards is always fun and I plan to work out some design and ideas using a lot of the colors that "are in" this upcoming new season, occassionally adding in one I love too :-)

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