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Friday, 6 December 2013

500 Products!

Well, having gotten back into using Zazzle to market my images and designs since June 2013, it's been a slow go but I have finally reached 500 products! Yay lol! Very defeating though when you see sellers with 5000 and even 100,000 products! Uhhhhh, no, won't be happening, I'll be in my grave first I suspect. I work full time currently, having worked part time for years while at the same time running a portrait painting business as well as being a Mom to young kids. Therefore, there is not a lot of time to devote to designing and listing on Zazzle. But, I try to do 10 products a week. I always need to be designing I find, which is maybe Not the right way to go about it. Bored by just listing items with old designs and images, I have to feed that creative need to design something New often lol! Using some time though to just look at my already done and up images and choosing products that they may fit with and listing from them is something I try to do here and there. It gets new items up fast when there is not as much hours in a day to devote to designing from new ideas. Many of my ideas jsut come suddenly to my head, others are triggered by things I see every day. 99% of my designs are born of my own taste. I rarely research what is in or trendy but just being out in the world every day, it's not difficult to notice what colours are in, what patterns are popular, etc. Then, I tend to ignore them most of the time unless they personally appeal. I'm sure not the Smartest way to be successful but I have to love what I create :-)

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