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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Watches - WTF?

Really? In 2013? Are not they an extinct item? I'm actually shocked - they are one of Zazzle's best selling products.

As a kid, I received a Gruen watch, oval, black face, gold (probably tone) surround, from Birks, 4 diamond chips. Yes, I wore it, mainly due to it being a gift. Eventually it ended up in a wicker sewing basket I got in probably grade 5 or 6, part of a bedroom decor set, the basket of which I still have. The mirror I wish I had and the 3 shelf dresser I used as a taboret for art supplies in my air brushing days. I ran across this watch recently. Who knows if it would work if I had the battery replaced.

I am a person who never had to set an alarm. I have a built in clock and always have. A circus trick I can exercise if I choose is knowing and naming the time often within 8 mins or so. I fear that if I ever gave in to wearing a watch, I'd wreck that ability. It's a time space (judging by what has already fit into the time already past) and visual thing as best as I can describe the ability. Therefore, watches have never been my friend. I do not like them really. An expensive watch? I'd rather have a good camera lens.

But, funny enough, people lately are Drawn to them. Maybe these are the same people who wear hipster glasses similar to those I just ran across while cleaning up old files and adverts I have saved since the 80s, only black not blue in the case of the ad I ran across. Personally, in this day and age of 24 hr access via cells, iPhones and iPads, I cannot understand the desire for a watch. But, I am in the minority that I can detect, they are a Huge seller on Zazzle and elsewhere. I pass stores that advertise them, etc., on my way home from work. Who would have thought, that the watch would not follow the demise of the curly cord wall phone. But it seems watch buying and collecting is strong. Hmmm, maybe I should have more than 3 or 4 options in my store lol! We'll see.

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