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Friday, 29 November 2013

I Love Textures!!!

Textures, especially natural ones, are one of my most favourite things! Lately, I have had an interest in learning how to mimic a few of them in photoshop elements. Photoshop CS5 would be a better choice but since I do not have that, I have managed to work with what is available to me in PS elements 8. There are add ons and downloads and upgrades which I have found and added to my Elements that increase my ability to create textures as I envision them. I have run across some great links that have guidance on how to create natural textures. They can be directly followed, or as I have found is great, can be worked beyond to create one's own unique designs and arrive at one's own outcome.

Playing is the key. Once a general understanding of layers, layer masks, transparency, overlay, multiply, etc. Learning as well as hands on experiencing how the tools work, one can begin to understand how to go about using them to get effects one wants. Half of Photoshop is knowing what the tools do and the other half is learning hands on what the results are when used. Being unafraid to learn and use layers and layer masks will go a long way. There are tons of resources on the web, Youtube, blogs, forums, etc. and looking for ones that are easy to understand or follow does take some time investment but it's fun and it is worth it :-) I have begun to create and make use of some of the textures I've created on my Zazzle product line up, mainly found in my Patterns Textures Abstracts store category. Stone and metallic ones are my favourite.

Embossed Copper Flower Diagonal Metallic Pattern
Embossed Copper Flower Diagonal Metallic Pattern by artbyjocelyn
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Textures and Backgrounds Tutorials by Vandelay Design

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