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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Having Fun with Suede!!!

I love suede, always have, better than leather. It is more difficult to look after, real suede, however. The new microfibres that mimic suede are awesome too! An alternative.

Recently, I had this urge to learn how I could create the "visual pattern of suede" in Photoshop, so that I could alter the value and colours of it, use it on products that just cannot be manufactured in suede obviously, but be adorned with an image that was designed to have the look of the pattern of suede material.

I found a tutorial on line I liked, and I embellished and played with many filters, contrasts, etc. in order to end up with 2 images I liked! One has a bit more of a nap and one is a little softer and less textured looking. The black is less textured, more light and dark variances, and the brown is much more nappy.

I was thrilled with what I ended up with after a couple hours work!

Once I realized just how many ways I wanted to use my suede pattern images, making a new store category seemed a good idea. So, I have a Suede Leather Look section in my store on Zazzle :-)

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