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Monday, 25 November 2013

Great Information on Zazzle Paper Choices Comparisons

This is something I feel is very important and I wish I had more funds to be able to do research on my Own products. It just isn't possible being in Canada, the shipping on larger items like canvas prints for me is Just not worth it. However, I have bought magnets, a dry erase board, and several cards over the years, even way back when Zazzle was a new born baby.

However, I was looking for reviews on wrapping paper, outside of Zazzle. I figured there may not be a lot because it is a newer offered product through Zazzle.

In looking, I did find some reviews on a Blog (which I will link to later) that I feel may be of some good information in it. The Blog is called on the site of Signs by Andrea.

There is an excellent paper option review - Zazzle Poster Paper Comparison Review - as well as a You Tube video available.

One thing I did learn, and as an artist I am not unaware of this. When you are looking at a design on a computer screen, you must keep in mind that a computer screen is back lit. It will always appear much more crisp, clean and bright than printing on many different types of materials, as well as the variances in different methods of printing. It is best to be experienced personally, having seen printing results and on various materials, as well as understanding the difference between CMYK, RBG sRBG, etc. In some, the blacks are much more stronger, as well as many other varying factors. It is best to at least research printing methods, know something about the basic materials you are offering your designs and artwork on, etc. even if you cannot conceivably be physically introduced to each and every one. Much of what I know I learned over the 20 some odd years as an artist, at art college, and from talking to and asking other artists, as well as my boyfriend who is an experienced commercially represented gallery artist in Toronto, yet still I am far from an expert.

Through my limited experience with the small amount of products I have purchased that I have myself created, my experience is to watch that my designs are lighter/brighter than what I feel they should be, for printing purposes. I have found that they reproduce slightly darker in most cases. It is slight but they did vary from what the buyer is seeing on screen on Zazzle, and that is a concern.

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