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Monday, 28 October 2013

Staying True to Natural Design

The whole idea behind my product offerings and the design and ideas behind them has not been too difficult to adhere to. What I wanted was imagery and designs which are born from natural textures, shapes, subjects and the environment which surrounds us here on earth. Sticking to this and not venturing too much into total software graphic design, but combining the 2 in various measurements, is my goal.

Textures of wood, sand, rock, sky, land, water, atmosphere, fur, feathers, plants, flowers, fields, grasses, light and shadow; these are what make up the inspiration for my imagery and design ideas.

Most of my designs therefore, will feature a more natural colour palette, so as not to lose the natural element completely, though some will be more dynamic and colourful at times.

Below are some examples of how my images, all original and shot by myself, have been applied.

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