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Monday, 7 October 2013

Christmas is A'Coming

Tonight (it took a couple hours or more) I designed my very first Christmas item :-)

I began with a photo I took last December at Allan Gardens in Toronto, Canada. It is a wonderful place to visit! The desert area with all the cacti is my favourite part.

With this photo, I did some effects to bring out the leaf detail on the poinsettias more. I then brought it into a new photoshop file where I did a textured background layer and used a ripped paper shape. I like the image on an angle as it adds interest. I then used snowflake shapes on a white layer background. I saved the image as a png so it will go on properly on a product and have those cut out edges. I then added text and I also made use of the little wing ding Christmas shapes Zazzle has in its fonts! So cool!!!! I added one to the snowflake center on the top flake and I used some in the interior of the card. One grade thing about using the coloured background is that I can match the colour's code in photoshop and use that code in Zazzle's background advanced colours selection chart to make text appear as if it is cut out cut out and shows background colour. I did this with the center thing on the top snowflake :-)

I had a lot of fun making this card and although it's pretty simple in design, I hope it is well received :-)

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