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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Finding the Time

Lately, it has been difficult to find a lot of time to create designs for use on Zazzle products. Definitely, hard work and lots of time are required to build up a store inventory! It is very hard work and kudos go out to those on Zazzle who do well on there. Working full time does not make it easier to find a lot of extra time, not without sacrificing others like spouse and family. A balance needs to be found. Working part time or being able to rely on Zazzle and other venues, for one's creations, would make it easier. My long term goal is to eventually be able to work part time and be able to have a partial income come from creating and selling again. Previously, it was small pieces of original artwork and portraits that I combined with working part time outside the house. Currently, I work full time, due to a life change, and find that art takes a bit of a back seat. Adding back in my photography has kept me in touch with my artistic side and is more convenient a fit in my present lifestyle than painting would be. Most of my very early Zazzle products featured reproductions of original paintings I had sold. However, unfortunately, at that time I did not save large files of my artwork so many cannot be reproduced on anything requiring high resolution images or large products such as wrapped canvas. One thing I find challenging is to avoid the temptation to work on a new design as opposed to just using images or concepts on as many products as possible. However, that isn't generally how I operate. It's the whole thing about avoiding that assembly line feeling that I brought up in the post just prior to this one. My main goal for my Zazzle store is to keep somewhat of an individuality, a uniqueness, an artistic feel, yet still have enough available to generate traffic and sales :-)

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