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Sunday, 15 September 2013

had to make this 'cause it Drives Me Nuts! lol!

It's a huge pet peeve of mine. Soooooo many times, I see beautiful landscape images of exotic lands, city scapes, whatever, available for sale by photographers everywhere, all over the net, and......omg the Horizon is crooked! lol!!! Drives me insane! Yes, there are times when it is visually great, done on purpose, works! But....then there are those times when you just Know it wasn't deliberate lol! Take a moment, assess your composition, even in the simplest graphic program, and straighten your f*cking horizon! If you do nothing else to the image you are hoping to sell lol! Me, I have to do it to almost every image I take as I tend to tilt the camera naturally when I take a shot lol!

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