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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Difficulty Choosing What to Offer

Not sure how many others have this dilemma or road block when choosing images and products to offer them on. The way I approach choosing a product, once I have an image or design idea, is that it has to feel "right" to me, it has to work visually, balance color and composition wise, and further be a concept that just makes one say "that works!" Granted, it still comes down to taste and personal opinion when designing. A design or image won't be liked very Everyone just because one feels they hit upon a good idea or feel they have perfected their own design.

One thing though, maybe it comes from being a a visual artist and painter for most of my life, I need to feel good about what I've created. This means avoiding assembly line feeling when creating. I choose each product with an inspiration from my original image, a concept that pops into my mind from viewing an image of mine, or a phrase that suddenly seems significant after my brain shouts it out silently, or simply a photo I just Love that I took.

For these reasons, I avoid using the auto create feature on Zazzle as it does not work for how I approach creating. Some products too just seem not to flow with my approach, I just cannot try to fit my image onto a product just because it in general sells well if I feel it just seems "cheesey" to me. Clothing for some reason feel this way to me. My design Has to be right for clothing, I just was not satisfied with sticking a square photo in the middle of a shirt for instance. This was the dilemma I found I ran into Before I had Photoshop years ago when Zazzle was just born. I had No concept of Png images, shapes, etc. that make for a huge opportunity for more professional looking self created designs for clothing. Perhaps this is why I don't create many pieces of clothing on Zazzle.

This is why I straighten my horizons, crop my images, remove distracting objects from photos, simplify backgrounds, in essence work Beyond my original image. It is like painting, I can work my composition, values, color balance, details, sharpness, etc. with all I've learned about Photoshop, the same as when drawing and painting. On top of this, I have learned to reject an image that just does Not work no matter how much I love aspects of it. Certain images don't work small, they don't work on particular surfaces they may be printed on, or they may just need sharpening or saturation or stronger contrast to create punch, etc. As well, always keeping in mind that an image on a screen is backlit and vibrant due to the medium it is presented in, but when printing, inks' properties are different than colors on a screen, surface texture affects the outcome and vibrancy and values in many cases. All these things need to be understood as best as possible when creating products with images and graphics on them. Unfortunately we cannot order Every product we make to test all our choices, but we can educate ourselves as best as possible :-) 

This is the very reason it takes forever for me to build up my product inventory! I am way too picky with what I choose and what it goes on. Probably detrimental to being found as most ProZ sellers have thousands of products. However, when I look through some of them, to my eye, not all the designs work on every option or choice offered. I don't want this to occur for my own store. My feeling is this does not seem professional. Hence my dilemma in choosing! However, to each is own, it obviously means more sales for some which I guess is the whole reason anyone uses sites such as Zazzle.

For me, I need to balance the artistic side with the commercial selling side of this business.

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