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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Abstract Girl Lately :-)

In the last little while, I've been having fun designing abstract graphic patterns. I'm not an abstract painter, never was and never will be, but with digital, it's a whole different thing! With digital, I can begin with stripes, etc. that I lay out, choose colors I want (often personally like I will admit) and then I can use layers to try various patterns, textures, a zillion things, and see what I get! What I get is often much more exciting then my mind would be able to imagine and render manually.

Some of the results are below. There are some specific color combos, for example; Mediterranean, Scandinavian, Mexican, Southwestern. There are Millefiori mimicking patterns (a total happy accident), weird graphic square and brush stroke patterns, stained glass quilted look textile shapes, as well as some simple stripes with stain glass filter textures.

As I have time (as it is limited) I will make these graphic patterns available on as many products as I feel they suit.

Turtle Shell Stained Glass Graphic Shapes Pattern Courier Bags
Turtle Shell Stained Glass Graphic Shapes Pattern Courier Bags by artbyjocelyn
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