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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Ying and Yang Earth Sky Water Light

Sometimes one manages to take a surprise image that ends up becomign a beloved favourite image of all time in a photo collection. This image I took in summer of 2012 is probably in my top 5 of all the images I've ever shot. It was one of the last images on the memory card that day and it barely fit. I had to delete other images just to fit it. However, I was not goign to let this image pass by uncaptured.

When I looked down from the brisge to the vision below, this is what I saw. The reflection of the sky so perfectly in the shallow water edge of Lake Ontario, coming up against the serpentine curve of the warm sand shore, the scattering of small drfitwood pieces, all of it, was just mezmerizing! The only flaw was what my lens did to the reflection of the sun. I had to recreate ht hot point where it is the brightest as the lens distorted it into a flying saucer of graphic shape and solid white. It was not how it looked in person. Other than that, with some balancing of the values and some sharpness, this image is pretty much exactly what I saw that day :-)

I have created a wrapped canvas print with it and it is availabel in my Zazzle Store. It is also customizable so my text can be altered or removed, to make the print your own.

Ying Yang Earth Sky Water Light Canvas Print
Ying Yang Earth Sky Water Light Canvas Print by artbyjocelyn
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