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Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Turkeys

I've taken many photos of the resident group of wild turkeys near where I live. They are actually not too timid, they'll just remain a tiny bit ahead of you as you walk along the paths. They'll run into the bush if they are startled. Often, they just scrounge around on the paths for stray seed.

This past spring, we finally got to see the male turkeys, 4 of them, in all their feathered glory! They were aggressively courting the 11 or so female turkeys. They also were fighting at one point, which gave up some feathers!

There were many opportunities for funny shots. The most comedic of those I ended up using for funny cards and buttons. It was so cute when one of the turkeys tilted its head to stare at me and I snapped a fast shot which when I viewed at home on my screen, made me laugh out loud :-)

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