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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Mother Nature's Own Designs!

These pillows are one of my favourite items in my own Zazzle Store! They are a collaboration between myself and Mother Nature (more credit must go to her :-) the Best designer there is.

On a few different occasions, walking along the shores of Lake Ontario near Lynde Shores, Whitby, I spotted the most amazing naturally occurring pattern on a large drift wood tree laying on the shore. It was bleached, burnt, weathered, patch worked, colored in rich coffee browns, siennas, greys and more - all at the hand of mother nature and her elements! The people who burnt the wood surface I guess must get a bit of credit but I bet they had no idea what a gorgeous naturally occurring pattern time would then create with their handiwork. All I had to do was notice it, then photograph it!

These pillows are created using that image I shot, altered so that various color schemes could be achieved. By following the link to the right side of my blog, you may see these pillows available in my store, Natural Design, on Zazzle.

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