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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Gotta Share This Thrilling Newest Happy Accident!

Ok, I didn't realize until a few years ago that Happy Accident in art talk probably came from the Bob Ross TV phenomenon. I had a high school teacher in commercial design who used the term all the time. When I began to interact with other artists online once the world wide web became common place, I realized that term he used all the time, and I sort of adopted because it appealed, was most likely from Bob Ross lol!

Anyway, in painting many times I have actually had "happy accidents" become really amazing areas in paintings that worked to solve exactly how to render a texture of a subject, and many other incidents that are too numerous to recall or list. Especially in watercolour, tiny happy accidents can create such an illusion of realism it is unbelieveable.

It also can work in computer graphic design as well, playing with filters, effects, all kinds of the various tools in graphic software programs that we artists use for designing. Some of these accidents or results of them, would Never occur in traditional hand rendered mediums. They also could often never be planned or designed form scratch. They are what they are, "happy accidents!"

One such result of a particular "accident" the other night for me is pictured below.

My partner was showing me how to create a pattern that I can then pull up and apply all the time if I want. Adding to my choice of patterns. He pulled up a random photo I took years ago of a wedding guest book on a table by a vase of flowers. He applied the black and white crackle effect we ended up with paying with filters. He then just randomly chose some other filter to lay on top of it. I saw it, stopped him because I LOVED it! It right away gave me the impressin of a Braine Freeze! What a brain would look liek in that very moment a cold slushy sweet drink is consumed and you get that burning cold sensation that travels up the sinuses righ tto the blood vessels in the brain lol! The veins go from warm to icey silver cold in 2 seconds! Purple burst pulse in the brain and all is frozen!

Here is the original graphic born of that fooling around demo he subjected me to lol!

My first product with this graphic on it is also pictured below and can be found in the Brain Freeze category of my store if you so desire :-) Links easily found to said store on the right side of my blog.

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