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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Flying Geese on Different Background Colors

I had a great image of very clear sunlit flying geese. There was only one problem. The top goose had a cut off wing and his head was at the edge of the picture frame.

Having learned quite a bit recently about using Photoshop, I decided not to abandon the image as I really liked it and was determined to use it. Taking out the one goose, though the easist choice, would have compromised the composition, rendering it far less interesting and dynamic. I added to the top and bottom and reconstructed the top wing using a flipped and skewed cut piece from another wing, then blending it maually and adding slight noise to match the other pixel area of the wing. A bit of work but not terribly hard.

Normally, odd grouping numbers work but I liked the even count here. It did divide into 2 visual groups, one being 4 and one being 2, so it worked though it was a 6 count. Rules are there sometimes to be broken :-) The comp also divides into 3rds the way the geese are placed, so it all worked to my eye well. Basically, trust your eye before standard composition rules, but don't ignore the rules if what you see isn't working visually yet you are set on it just because you like it :-)

I chose to leave these geese fairly realistic in form as opposed to trying to make them more graphic or stylized. A thought came to me though that different colour backgrounds would maybe add some interest and variance to this image. Though I feel a cool colour works better aginst the warm sunlit geese, I chose to create one hot background choice. I also toned down the light areas of the geese, pushing them more to whites so the geese popped better and did not appear to be tinted with the background.

This is 3 examples of the finished resulting image :-)

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