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Monday, 22 July 2013

Old Shredded Wheat Wooden Crate Makes Awesome Pillow!!!

I will definitely be getting one of my own pillows!!! I was thinking about industrial chic themes for my Zazzle store products, since I just Love that theme! I shoot a lot of images that will work for this theme. Here I am working on another idea on my computer and little did I realize I had a perfect subject right at my feet (literally since I use my crate as a coffee table and I put my feet up on it often) lol!

My Grandparents on the maternal side, gave me years ago an old wood crate that was used to ship Shredded Wheat and probably came into port at Port Colborne as that is where they lived their whole lives. The crate is close to if not more than 100 years old. I am not 100% sure of it's age. It is definitely more than 75 years old.

I photographed it and here it is, on a square excellent quality pillow available in my Zazzle Store!

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