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Saturday, 13 July 2013

First Post! What is This Blog For?

Every once in a while I'd get an email........"One of your Zazzle products has just sold!"

Now, I'd find this surprising. Why?! Well, becauuuuuuse.........I opened my store in 2005 (ish) and I had a handful of products only, I never promoted it, I don't even have a link to it anywhere anymore, and I had not added a new product till 2012. Yet, still, I'd make a sale every few months - mainly my wedding stamps and cards, cat cards, and the lingerie card. NOT recommended as a way to run a small business - it took several years to accumulate a meagre $30. Good news is, I bought myself a canvas tote bag with that credit, featuring one of my favourite little images I've taken in the last 2 years - milk pod seeds blowing in the wind, and I carry this bag to my day job every day :-)

Having, the last 2 years, become interested in hiking and combining that with shooting photographs, has caused me to build up quite the inventory of images. Some of them I really personally find visually exciting and love! This lead me to consider becoming reaquainted with Zazzle. In the past, I offered products featuring reproductions of paintings I had sold. Currently, I am creating with my favourite images from my walks and ventures with my boyfriend.

How is the quality of the products on Zazzle? I can only say excellent. How do I KNOW!? I ordered some of my own greeting cards and the aforementioned tote and I was thrilled with the quality. My images were clear and vibrant, the trim was perfect, the physical quality of the paper and the canvas bag were excellent.

One thing about using Zazzle to partner with in order to market one's artwork and images on every day use products is the assurance that their products are of excellent quality.

Despite the products, there is HUGE value in spending some time reading Zazzle's help pages (link on bottom of every Zazzle page) regarding image resolution, recommended image file size, dpi per square inch info, safe marks, and pretty much everything regarding placing an image on a product. Part of having products go out and buyers happy with the image on their product HAS to begin with the the Store Owner. I would recommend also reading some basic info on digital photography and image resolution and printing basics if planning on offering products for sale that are printed with your own photos or art work.

To keep it shorter and simple, basically, Natural Design's blog will feature new store items as well as the odd non spammy post that I feel may be of some interest or have some sort of relation to the themes behind my store.

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