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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Fire Fighter Gift Items

During a recent jaunt to the harbour, I was lucky enough to come upon the pumper truck from our local Fire Department, seemingly testing their equipment by pumping and spraying water back into the lake. Spectators, like myself, probably secretly wished they'd spray us as the temps that day were 33 degrees and humid! Just the mist alone though was refreshing :-) The jet ski guy who whizzed by the spray probably thought it was great too!

But, back on the products that now brandish images that came from this event. I was excited to get a cool shot of the pumper's grill and the hose as well as a neat reflection of it in the water on the pier. It made for a really cool, generic fire truck image! It is bold and graphic almost, in how I treated the image, and I feel works on many products that in turn would make Awesome gifts for someone who is employed by the Fire Department in any city, state or province! Ther eare also ways of being able to add one's own personal touch to the products; add a photo of a specific badge, the badge#, the city name, the Dept name, a photo of the crest, the name of the recipient, or an acronym, anything that could be added to personalize the item.

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