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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Excited About My Own Item!

How can that be?! Well, it's true. I Want this pillow lol! It is So up my alley. Cool colour combinations and really neat hunky shapes! And Not White White White beige and oh, more White! I guess one can surmize that I Like Colur from that statement. Well, yes, but to each is own I say.

Even though this has colour, it still would appeal to those who maybe don't want to totally cross over and go all out with loud "in your face bright as hell could help guide through a blackened tunnel colour." It is just enough to commit to some accent colour but not overboard.

It all began with a photo of grape vines which grew along a metal link fence, along a walkway that leads to a pier in Whitby, Ontario. These grape vines have since been eradicated due to land developing near the harbour, so are gone. One evening, we walked down to the harbour and noticed the purple grapes growing on the vines and wondered about their origin. They made for a fascinating photographic subject and I took several shots on different occasions. The original photo is included here for interest sake.

I love the graphic result that came about with this image and I loved how I could move it around on a pillow and the look was so appealing! Both back and front are a slightly different area of the total image.

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